Personal Safety Alarm, Key Chain, Flashlight
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These 2 x 1 x 2 inch personal alarms were purchased in metalic purple especially for  Red Hat Ladies. Small and portable. At 130 DB, the alarm is loud and can be heard up to 300’ away. It can be activated in two ways. First, by pulling out the pin, which is connected to the keychain. The alarm will continue until you reinsert the pin. Second, by pressing the small button on the side with the alarm symbol. The keyring can be attached to your purse or backpack strap, making it easily accessible. Simply tug on the Pocket Guardian to pull the pin out in case of emergency. Built in LED light for illuminating dark walkways or finding keyholes. Press and hold the button with the lightbulb symbol to use! 

  • BROAD CONSUMER APPEAL: Preferred for students, children security, shoppers, walkers, joggers, elderly, night owls, lone workers,  and self defense, Good for those out at night. A self-defense option for any age. Keychain attaches to backpack, purse, etc. for convenient, instant access. Batteries included and are replaceable. 


  • Item #: SW100PR

Personal Safety Alarm, Key Chain, Flashlight

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